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# Saturday, 08 March 2008

Searching for an email link obfuscation tool I came across this handy tool from the University of Nebraska !?

Spam-me-not E-mail Link Obfuscator

You can choose different encryption modes like decimal, hexadecimal and random-mixed notation.

Saturday, 08 March 2008 20:24:32 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)  #    -
Web Dev

If you run any P2P or torrent software with Windows XP SP2 you may run in to some network performance issues. This is due to Microsoft reducing the number of half-open concurrent connections from 65,000 to 10 as part of SP2.
When the limit of 10 is reached any further connections are queued up and released by Windows at a rate of 10 per second.

This limit was introduced to reduce the speed at which viruses and worms etc using PC's can spread themselves. However the side effect means some networking applications struggle to function as intended.

Checking the Windows System Event Log will show a warning for Event ID 4226:


The Fix:
A patcher exists at
Download and run the file EvID4226Patch.exe
It will detect the version of TCPIP.SYS and tell you the current limit for concurrent half-open connections.
Pressing Y to install the patch will change the limit to 50.
You also have the option to change the limit to any value between 10 and 16777214.

After a restart the new limit will take effect.

Job done.

EventID 4226 Patcher from LvlLord article

Saturday, 08 March 2008 09:48:39 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)  #    -
# Friday, 07 March 2008

An excellent article by Jon Skeet explaining how to make a Singleton thread-safe:

Implementing the singleton pattern

Friday, 07 March 2008 11:56:09 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)  #    -
# Thursday, 06 March 2008

Rather annoyingly Virtual PC 2004 & 2007 set the default folder location for Virtual Machine Configuration (.vmc) and Virtual Hard Disk (.vhd) files to a folder called My Virtual Machines in your My Documents.
This means users could inadvertently end up saving huge VPC disk images to their My Documents folder, not good if you use profile roaming ;-)

Luckily we can add a new environment variable called MYVIRTUALMACHINES with our preferred default location.


The next time Virtual PC is loaded it will pick up the environment variable as the new default.

Thursday, 06 March 2008 15:54:17 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)  #    -

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